Synthpop on the OP-1 Part 7: Struggling Melody

- Trying out melody ideas in this longer video that shows the recursive struggle when composing. Keep YouTube annotations active to know what is happening.

- J’essaie des nouvelles idées dans cette longue vidéo qui démontrent le travail répétitif quand je compose. Gardez les annotations de YouTube pour savoir ou vous en êtes.

- Intento unas cuantas ideas para expandir la canción. Eso demuestra el trabajo repetitivo sobre todo cuando te falta técnica y talento :P Es importante mantener las notas de YouTube si no conocéis el funcionamento del OP-1

Part 6: Fleshing out the main verse.

Please have youtube annotations turned on as there is no commentary on this video. 

SVP … mettez les annotations de youtube puisque je n’ai pas posé une explication vocale sur cette vidéo. Les annotations sont en anglais, français et espagnol.

Por favor, mirar con las anotaciones de youtube, no hay explicación vocal en este video. Las notas estan en inglés, francés y español.

Jacques Mongrel - Rushing To The Frontlines

Rushing to the frontlines
for a ticket to a brave new world.
Throwing caution to the wind
because tomorrow never comes.

Rushing to the future - in a straight line
like a Hong Kong Cavalier.
Throwing worries out the window.
They’ll be retrieved on the way back.

Don’t shy away from past regrets,
let them seep into fresh new wounds. 
Don’t turn away from disappointment,
just let it underwrite success.

Veering away from the morass
that keeps growing inside ourselves.
Driving along with my mistakes:
the building blocks for hopes and fears. 

Jacques Mongrel - Day After Day (What’s The Use)

Day After Day After Day After Day 
                              (What’s The Use) 
Day After Day After Day After Day
(What’s The Use)     (What’s The Use) 
Day After Day After Day After Day
(What’s The Use)     (What’s The Use) 
Day After Day After Day After Day

Celebrations are a moot point
Celebrations are a moot point

some rather sweet groves of sound in this track. If you want to get lost in the electronic … get a load of this.

Amazing female vocals, guitars crunching in the backseat … gives me goosebumps.

The twelfth beat shuffle is irresistible. The hihats are perfectly swung. This should be the themesong for the Curiosity mission on Mars.

This is an astounding album. A shift in tone from the joyous and manic Chap of the past. They have embraced the New Austerity Order and it results in a very focussed album, sort of the Chap meets Stereolab in an empty mall parking lot.